Personal Verification Service

for more certainty in personal relationships

The “friendly Philippines” is the first choice for many foreigners who want to find a Philippine girlfriend or wife. Many relationships are successful, some are not.

Increasingly, these relationships begin online, either through dating websites or social media. Unfortunately, there can be considerable risk in connecting in such ways.

There have been many reports of foreigners being tricked into sending money to the Philippines believing they are in a true relationship. Sometimes, they have found out they are only one of several online “boyfriends.” Worse still, they have arrived in the Philippines to meet the “love of their life” only to find she is married, has a Filipino boyfriend, has dependent relatives or has more children than she had let on.

PHL-X offers its Personal Verification Service as a way of reducing the risk before you lose your heart (and your money!!). Save time and money by using our service.

So long as your Philippine friend cooperates with us, we are able to carry out a number of checks on your behalf. (If she doesn’t agree to the checks being carried out, you should be suspicious).

Depending on what you require, we can verify your friend’s:

  • Legal name
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Civil status
  • Number of children (of female friend)
  • Qualifications
  • Employment
  • Health
  • Criminal record

Your friend will be required to visit Metro Manila to present the original or certified copies of documents to us, for an interview and for photos to be taken. (Photos are profile and full length, fully clothed).

After verifying as much of the information as possible, we will compile a report and send it to you together with current, unedited photos of your friend.

While it won’t eliminate the risk entirely, it will help you have peace of mind about the relationship you’ll be getting into. The rest is up to you!

Personal Verification Service fee: 5,750 PHP

The fee is payable directly to PHL-X, not to your friend.

In addition to our fee, you will need to pay the cost of obtaining relevant documents from government offices and the medical examination and chest x-ray (if required). Some of these have to be obtained from the place your friend lives now or lived before (perhaps in your friend’s home province). In that case, you may also need to pay your friend’s travel costs to and from there. If you (and not your friend) will be paying those costs, we can advise you of the approximate amount you should expect to remit to your friend including travel to Metro Manila to meet with us.


Personal Verification Service Order

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Fee: 5,750 PHP. You will receive an email showing payment options.